Our unique cladding system has been installed in several corporate and residential structures. We can do stone cladding on radius walls and curves to create a distinctive sculptural statement. Stonemart is proud to have played its part in elevating Dry Stone Cladding, which is considered as an alternative to mortared walls.


A great number of interior decorators and interior designers are always in the need of giving a dash of aesthetic appeal to their home. Our stone cladding service gives the most charismatic interior and exterior stone designs that are meant to endure. We provide stone cladding services for residential, commercial and industrial services for lift, lobby, and staircases.


Hardscapes give the much needed functionality while expanding the architecture of your home in the outdoors. Hard capes by Stonemart are designed for unparalleled quality.

Landscaping can beautify as well as add value to your home. Also, the idea of a stone bench is indeed fascinating. The enigma it has along with its elaborate style gives an aesthetic beauty to the green zone of your beloved home.

Our services include supply and fixing of all types of natural stone like granites, marbles, slates, sandstones with expertise in dry fixing cladding wet cladding, flooring hard-scape, water body etc. So when you need stones (granite, marbles, slates) that add beauty to your creations (buildings/homes) call us because Stonemart Cladding Systems ensure that your creation (buildings/homes) leave behind a legacy and continue to fascinate mankind for ages!