Stonemart was commenced on 1994 with a great vision about stone cladding. The exponential growth in this industry by us is due to our expertise in all types of natural stones. The adept professionals of Stonemart ensure that nothing is lagging in each process. Each and everyone at Stone(M)art Cladding Systems believes in the words of our dynamic founder Mr. S. Nagarajan “Each and every building has a life of its own” and goes about living up to his credo of giving only world class and quality by outcome working in tandem with architects and designers.

Stone Flooring and Dry Cladding are the fortes of Stonemart. For over 2 decades, Stonemart has shook the world of stone cladding and has gained an impressive reputation in the industry.

Dynamics of Stonemart

The process of Stonemart is streamlined to meet the requirements of the clients. We are abreast of technological advancements and always are a step ahead of the rest of the industry. We value our customers so much so that our underlying philosophy is their satisfaction. We walk an extra mile to use innovative means so that we achieve this philosophy.

Uniqueness of Stonemart

The art of architecture is embraced with a sense of meticulousness by Stonemart. Each of Stonemart’s projects is strategized in such a way that we build impactful structures, not compromising on quality. We ensure that even the smallest of details are taken into account and everything is delivered on time. We believe in not only meeting the requirements of the clients but also going a step ahead in exceeding their expectations. That said, we don’t compromise on the client’s unique requirements.

Contracting Technique

Art of Dry Stone cladding

Dry Stone Cladding is a technology that was revitalise by StoneMart. Owing to their longer lifespan, dry stone cladding can be the right choice in construction. Dry stone cladding also gels well with the structure of the construction in a pleasing manner. Keeping these points in mind, the masses are given the required knowledge by StoneMart about the uses and benefits of this technology s in the field of construction.

Quality Never Compromised

The functioning of Stonemart is based on the invincible words QNC (“Quality Never Compromised”). We achieve quality through proper method statements, quality plan checks, balances through checklists, stage by stage analysis, drafting of shop drawings and detailing for the micro level to achieve quality. You can add kerb appeal to your space with stone cladding from Stonemart. We understand that stone walls will attract the potential buyers and drive up the cost of your home.



Our Mission

To efficiently participate in the process of stone cladding, right from its selection to finish, and ensure clients understand their stones better.


Our Vision

To sustain growth by providing stone based solutions of the highest quality, while keeping pace with the needs of the client.


Our Values

Stonemart sets its yardstick for success not only by quantity but also by quality. Stonemart’s several projects executed for various prestigious clients are proof to its competency.