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For centuries man has been fascinated by stones decorative value leaving behind his fascination as pieces of art around the world in the form of Pyramids of Egypt, Taj Mahal and even build temples and other places of worship with stone art, leaving behind legacies that continue to fascinate man.

Even today architects and builders try to carve a niche for themselves by aesthetic and intelligent use of stones like granite, marbles, slates etc in combination with modern building materials

Stones Adding Beauty to your Buildings Naturally
Imagine a world without stones. Unimaginable. Isn’t it? Now just imagine world without creativity on stone. No Taj Mahal. No Pyramids of Egypt. No Meenakshi temple. No Mahabalipuram. How drab the world would be, sans these masterpieces of man’s artistry and craftsmanship.
Cut to the modern world. Blue chip companies are building offices that cover acres and acres of land. Beautifully designed places that make it easy for one to consider work, worship. Same goes for today’s educational institutions, entertainment centers, multiplexes, residential townships etc. Aesthetics and craftsmanship makes all the differences. And who can say that with better conviction than we at Stone(M)art Cladding Systems!

No fuss

Our experienced craftsmen carefully measure and template your project.

No mess

Our experienced craftsmen carefully measure and template your project.

No comparison

Our experienced craftsmen carefully measure and template your project..

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